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date a live miku nackt

Origami in episode 9 when she confronts Kurumi.
Superpowered Evil Side : Just like Tohka, Origami and Nia before her, the Inverse form.
The first time we see this is Tohka changing her Astral Dress into a school uniform for her date with Shido.
Tohka and Miku being the exception because Tohka's spot is multiple colors, while Miku's should be kostenlos freundlichen live-chat purple, but gets closer to violet due to Tohka taking purple instead.
She also implies that in her case at least, she may be Tohka's true self before she lost her memories, having since becoming a separate personality like the old and new timeline versions of Origami.And worse, a Spirit that crosses the Despair Event Horizon achieves Inverse Form and immediately starts rampaging indiscriminately.After losing the game she made for Shido, Natsumi releases everyone she captured, but inadvertently skype sex chat erpresst shows her true form in front of the main cast, which causes her to go berserk and change them into 9-year-old children before escaping again.Turns out to not have a choice, for a variety of reasons.The latter is a straight example in that its strength and resilience are enough to ward off the AST more than once.It is capable of breathing out freezing air that freezes the AST members along with their territory.Expressive Accessory : Her ribbons wiggle on their own when she is excited.

Shido intervenes, delaying Origami but as she is about to fire Tohka and Yoshino arrive.
Near the end of volume 12, during his date with Yoshino, DEM interfered and tried to capture Shido, but he destroyed the team of 20 Bandersnatch easily using a powerful spirit flash.
Of course, The Dulcinea Effect may have something to do with.
Fanservice : They're Spirits with a very revealing Astral Dress, and they're properly introduced in the middle of a Beach Episode arc.) Split Personality : Kotori has one although it's more of her switching personalities more than anything else really.To prevent contact of the two groups, Ratatoskr intervenes in the path of the AST with multiple obstructions.Innocent Fanservice Girl : After her emotions are unlocked, she tells Shido that she's so thankful to him that she accepted his self-introductory offer* originally decided by Kotori to assess Mukuro's state of mind since Shidou is using a holographic projection which removes the risk.Kaguya Yamai ( ) Voiced by: Maaya Uchida (Japanese Brittney Karbowski (English) Abnormal Ammo : Her lance, El Re'em, is actually used in the twin's combined attack as a massive arrow that is able to pierce through the Arbatel 's Deflector Shields and hull.It then grew a pair of wings and proceed to attack the city.